RAD Parent Training

This course is available for parents of children involved with Foster Care, Adoption, or with a history of Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect. Qualifies for GA DFCS Continuing Education for Parents in Foster and Adoption programs.
Check back for registration details or call us at 770-686-0894.

Human Super Power [TM] of Attachment – RAD & DSED SOLUTIONS 

A 5-Session Parent Training Program

Children involved with child protective services, including those in adoptive and foster placements, often suffer from mysterious behavioral and developmental challenges that wreck lives and break the hearts of parents and children. Explore therapeutic parenting and childcare strategies that can STOP RAD and DSED in their tracks and help these fragile children get back on track. Includes case histories of children who healed through RAD [Reactive Attachment Disorder] or DSED [Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder].

Program developed by a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Special Education Teacher, and Certified Parent Trainer who has also cared for children with Attachment Disorder in her home for over 25 years. Learn the fundamentals of resolving RAD and DSED; acquire powerful skills; and find solutions. Five one-hour training sessions presented by Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, QPPE, PhD, LPC, NCC of Orchard Human Services, Inc. for parents and guardians of children of adoption, foster care placement, and/or have a history of trauma, abuse, or neglect.

  1. RAD & DSED – Human Super Power [TM] of Attachment to Stabilize Adoptive and Foster Placements
  2. RAD & DSED – When Attachment Goes Wrong; Crazy Baby Brain; Attachment Developmental Framework Overview
  3. RAD & DSED – Attachment Developmental Framework; Mental Health Phenomena in RAD/DSED; Why Typical Therapy Fails
  4. RAD & DSED – Why You Should Suspend Parenting … and do this instead
  5. RAD & DSED – Super Power Therapeutic Parenting and Care Strategies

The training sessions are tentatively scheduled for the following dates; please check back for confirmed dates and times, and links to registration:

Saturday May 23 at 11 am Eastern Time                    Training 1

Saturday June 22 at 11 am Eastern Time                    Training 2

Saturday July 25 at 11 am Eastern Time                    Training 3

Saturday August 15 at 11 am Eastern Time                Training 4

Saturday September 19 at 11 am Eastern Time          Training 5

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