Special Needs

Special Needs

Special needs refers to a wide variety of individual needs a child may have with learning and development. Not all special needs are due to learning problems. Children with special needs have a wide variety of abilities and interests!

Special education programs may have been a frightening thing for parents in the past, but that is not true any more!

Special needs services may include extra learning support, speech and language therapy, and even occupational therapy. Parents who get this help for their child outside the school might pay thousands of dollars for these helpful services.

Now because of public awareness about the importance of helping children learn and grow right from the start, infants and children may qualify for additional services and other special accommodations through special education services!

Two laws provide the most help for children with learning problems and disabilities:

1) IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Services under IDEA include the IEP. Please go to our IEP page to read more!

2) ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

Special consideration under ADA law may help children who do not quality for an IEP. The process under ADA that can get special consideration and support for certain children with disabilities is the Secion 504 Plan. Please go to our Section 504 Plan page to read more!

Want to Learn More?

Check our events calendar regularly for upcoming classes and seminars for parents to learn more about the IEP and Section 504 Plan process and how to help your child thrive!

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