Fluid Trauma [TM] Comes to Orchard Human Services

Orchard is releasing a brand new series of professional training and development for mental health and education professionals on the exciting new process of Fluid Trauma [TM] Transformation. This dynamic and fluid process takes the path of least resistance to transform, connect, integrate, and heal traumatic experiences of children and adults. Bookmark this page and check back frequently to see the release date of our classes, seminars, workshops, continuing education [CE] courses, and professional development programs. Orchard is, as always, dedicated to

Uplifting lives by counseling, education, and caring …

by sharing the most up-to-date evidence-based strategies and practice-based techniques to promote human healing, growth, and development.

Orchard works in conjunction with Psychoneuroeducational Institute, LLC, or PNE Institute, LLC, to provide access to this high quality information and resources.

Clients can look to Orchard Human Services, Inc. to provide high quality clinical services including counseling and developmental intervention.

Education, mental health, and human services professionals can look to the partnership between Orchard and PNE Institute, LLC to provide high quality evidence-based training and professional development to help prepare the next generation of professionals to respond to the growing need for trauma-informed care.

Want to learn more? Contact PNE Institute, LLC or Orchard Human Services, Inc. today at (770) 686-0894.

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