Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse Support

Solve the confusing puzzle of narcissism. Learn why you chose a narcissistic partner, and how to choose better your next relationship.

Narcissism is a human trait, some might say a flaw, that involves extreme even excessive love and admiration for oneself without regard for the value, needs, or desires of others. All humans tend to be somewhat narcissistic at some times throughout life. Join us for a nurturing and powerful Support Group for Survivors of Abusive and Narcissistic Relationships (not therapy or counseling).

There is another use of the word Narcissistic, however, that is associated with a Clinical Mental Health Diagnosis of a Personality Disorder: Narcissistic Personality Disorder. says that there are two main types of Narcissism: Grandiose and Vulnerable. Following are the top 5 traits of narcissists according to

  • Sense of Entitlement
  • Manipulates Others
  • Need or Desire for Admiration
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Arrogance (, Narcissism, Section 3)

While there are different types of narcissists, and narcissists are not all the same in the degree to which they express narcissism, this much is true: People who are in romantic relationships, are children or siblings of, or work closely with narcissists will suffer from the extreme lack of regard for the personage of the other.

Are you or someone you care about a survivor of an Abusive or Narcissistic Relationship? If so, then we have an amazing support group for you! This group is NOT counseling or therapy. Instead, it is a group of fellow survivors led by a Peer Support Facilitator to collectively discuss, explore, and recover from Narcissistic and Other Relationship Abuse. Additionally, Dr. Darleen will join some of the sessions to share some insights about self-care, healing, and moving forward with life, in a nurturing and supportive (but not counseling or therapy) format.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in our support group sessions:

  • Understanding Narcissism
  • How Did I Choose That?
  • Why Did I Stay?
  • How Do I Set Healthy Boundaries?
  • How Do I Move Forward With My Life?
  • How Do I Talk To My Children About Their Narcissistic Parent?
  • How Do I Handle Child Custody and Court Issues?
  • How Do I Forgive Myself?
  • How Do I Have Self-Love?
  • How Do I Have Compassion For Myself and My Children
  • Do I Have To Forgive?
  • How Do I Protect Myself Financially?
  • How Do I Give Myself Permission To Love Again?
  • How Do I Heal To Be Able To Choose A Loving Partner Next Time?

Meet the Group Facilitator & Relationship Coach

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Survivors of Abusive & Narcissistic Relationships Support Group

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