True Black Feminine

Discover the power and awe of “True Black Feminine” with Coach Adria Kitchens.

“Sometimes in life, you meet someone who takes your breath away … you’re not sure exactly why … but you just know to hang on to every word they breathe. Coach Adria Kitchens is just such a person … and her True Black Feminine program is just such a program … you’ll want to hear every single word” ——- Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, Orchard Human Services, Inc.

True Black Feminine: 13 Revolutionary Acts to Living Our Black Feminine Destiny is a powerful podcast with Coach Adria Kitchens. Visit Spotify to begin listening to the wisdom of the ages brought into the modern century.

Want more Coach Adria? Learn more about this powerful trainer and transformational coach who also serves as Chairman of the Board for Orchard Human Services, Inc.

Coach Adria Kitchens

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