Tween-Teen Social Activity Group

Tween-Teen Social Activity Group

Join us for rip roaring fun for tweens and teens to promote healthy socialization and bring youth back from the brink of isolation due to the pandemic. We explore art, drama, and music …. play games, dance, and tell jokes. The group offers young folks an opportunity to meet others in a safe and protected environment online, while having the freedom to express themselves and make connection with peers.

Orchard’s Interventionist Dana Strock is the developer of this enjoyable and supportive online youth program. Other staff members, including Teacher Tish Bennett, participate in producing high quality and engaging youth programming and activities.

Do you have a teen who would like to participate in our online activities, which occur most weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:30 Eastern Time? Email Ms. Dana at or call Orchard’s office at (770) 686-0894.

Have your children been negatively impacted by the pandemic? Explore our Coronavirus Correction trainings, services, and programs.

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