Autism Socialization Track

Autism Socialization Track s

Children and adults with neuroatypicality or who are on the Autism Spectrum can find incredible support with expanding their socialization skills and insights. Orchard provides dynamic services that begin right where you are! and moves you forward to explore critical socialization, communication, and human interactive skills.

Our staff works to create a specific focused intervention that begins where the individual is today. Then we engage in conversation, exploration, and relationship to help the client move forward. Clients typically learn about facial expressions, tone of voice, communication strategies, and how to engage in various social settings.

Another fun activities is the Word Web of Exploration! Often, children with Autism are focused on a narrow or even single activity or area of exploration. We begin with the client’s current interests and work outward to explore related topics, all the while expanding the individual’s awareness, vocabulary, and ability to discuss a broad range of topics.

Most important is that we love our clients! Whether we are working with young children, college or grad students, or seasoned professionals … we see and recognize the greatness in every person. And we work hard to help improve quality of life, self-determination, and socialization as a track toward boosting overall Life Satisfaction!!!

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