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You are important to our clients!!! Shop-for-a-cause programs allow you to support our precious clients … families, children, and individuals dealing with special needs, learning problems, disability, or mental health challenge … without it costing you a penny!!! The participating stores and retailers make a donation to our nonprofit whenever you shop using one of these shop-for-a-cause page links or sign-up services.

Through your generous participation in this program, we will be able to provide even more services to address such important issues as …

  • Counseling & Special Needs SupportSpecial Needs & Disability
  • Depression & Suicidality
  • Mental Health Disorder
  • Attachment Disorder
  • Developmental Delay
  • Adoption & Foster Support
  • Grief & Loss
  • Addiction
  • Trauma, Abuse, Neglect

Thank you for your generous participation in our Shop-for-a-cause programs. We understand that in most cases, you are required to visit this page or the page to click through to your purchase page (like at Expedia or Amazon) …. but we applaud your patience and commitment to help us help others in need.

Infant & Child Depression


Here is how Shop-for-a-Case Works …

Joyful Effective Living

We found a way for you to

support our special work …

without it costing you a penny!!!



Shop-for-a-Cause is a new social media wave that allows you to shop at your favorite stores and buy the things you love … and the STORE will donate a portion toward our nonprofit. There are several ways to make this happen … and this Click to Give campaign can provide meaningful benefits to the giver and the recipient!


Shop For A Cause

Online Shop-for-a-Cause

Visit our page and click the “Shop Now” button … then click on your favorite retailer and make your purchase. The Orchard will receive a generous gift (and it will cost you $0!)

Visit our Amazon Smile page and register The Orchard Human Services, Inc. as your chosen nonprofit. Then shop at Amazon by going to the special nonprofit page to make all your same-cost purchases. Amazon will share a small portion of each purchase with The Orchard to support our awesome programs!

In-Store Shop-for-a-Cause

Do you shop at Kroger? Then please visit their Kroger Community Rewards page and choose The Orchard as your charity of choice …. and when you purchase groceries, gas, and anything else you need at any Kroger store, the Kroger company will donate a portion of your purchase to support our programs and services!

Looking for Other Ways to Shop-for-a-Cause?

Ga Renaissance FestivalThe Georgia Renaissance Festival is a proud supporter of The Orchard!!!

When you purchase your Georgia Renaissance Festival tickets … use the coupon code ORCHARD to receive a special discounted rate!!! (And the Georgia Renaissance Festival will donate a portion of your ticket purchase to support our special programs)



Thank you!

Looking for a special gift for someone who is interested in personal healing, growth, and development? Want a gift for a teacher? Want to give an artistic gift that was created by a senior citizen or veteran? Check out Orchard’s growing online store for wonderful educational, healing, and creative items that are perfect gifts for those who love to share!!!



Why Shop-for-a-Cause?

Humans are social beings. Each of us benefits from feelings of connection and sharing. It is part of our makeup. So when people get to support their family, friends, and community through charitable giving, it can give back huge rewards in personal satisfaction and add meaning to life.

Charity has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Even our ancient ancestors noticed how supporting others in need can provide a sense of hope and higher purpose. The psychological benefits of these feelings can be significant.

Shop-for-a-Cause programs can be particularly helpful. They allow every person to participate in a meaningful charitable experience … without taking any money out of the household budget. This allows every single person who purchases items in stores or online to participate in charitable giving.

Individuals who are housebound may particularly benefit from Shop-for-a Cause giving. The inability to engage with others in a meaningful way can detract from quality of life and even contribute to depression. Shop-for-a-Cause is one small way that an individual who is unable to leave the house can still connect with others and benefit from the feeling of being part of a larger community.

Folks who are too busy to attend fundraisers or charity events may also find comfort in Shop-for-a-Cause giving. With just a few moments invested in going to the page or other giving gateway, busy folks can simply shop as normal and still know they have made a difference in someone else’s life.

If you are a person who wants to give more – and see Shop-for-a-Cause as a potential option, then we invite you to share this page with others!

Thank you for your generous support of our programs.

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