Internship & Practicum Program

Orchard offers an Internship & Practicum program as well as Supervision after graduation.

Orchard offers an elite Practicum and Internship opportunity to mental health professionals-in-training who want to explore knowledge and skills to serve complex populations.

Orchard’s Internship Director, Rashonda Clay-Douthit, LCSW, is a seasoned therapist with a strong background in managing practicum and internship programs at the university level. Ms. Clay-Douthit provides expert focused supervision and support for counselors-in-training.

Practicum and Internship students benefit from rich training and professional development; high level supervision and clinical support; and interactive supportive staff meetings with case management. Students receive additional guidance and support from Orchard’s Executive Director, Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, LPC, NCC, ACS.

Ms. Rashonda Clay-Douthit, LCSW, Internship Director, can be reached at

Or you can call Orchard’s main office at (770)686-0894 or email to inquire about how to collaborate with your College or University; or how to apply for Practicum and Internship if you are a mental health professional-in-training.

Once students graduate, Orchard also offers Supervision. See our Counselor Under Supervision Program or CUSP page for more information.

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