Meet Coach Adria

Adria Kitchens, Transformational Feminine Coach

Meet the amazing leader who spearheads Orchard’s Board of Directors, Coach Adria Kitchens. She is an accomplished business professional and entrepreneur with a special gift for transformational life coaching. Her primary areas of focus include Feminine Power and Healing Racism. As the Director for Orchard’s Board, Adria Kitchens promotes ethical and compassionate services and programs to promote positive outcomes for our global community. In addition, she is a gifted vocalist, performing publicly at secular and sacred events around Atlanta.

Adria Kitchens’ support, technical guidance, and inspiration allowed me to give birth to Orchard Human Services, Inc. Through her careful ministrations, we were able to bring Orchard into existence, and with it provide a host of intensive therapeutic and intervention services for some of our community’s most fragile members. I am proud to recognize Adria a leader in my community, the Director of Orchard’s nonprofit board, and as my friend.

— Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, Founder & Program Director for Orchard Human Services, Inc.

As an entrepreneur, Adria Kitchens has transcended her previous work as a finance and accounting professional to embrace multiple endeavors that focus on improving the lives of others through connection, wisdom, and positive change.

Visit her website to learn more about Adria’s expansive menu of programs and services.

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Adria has supported women in transforming their lives for over a decade.  She specializes in working with self actualizing women; executives, experienced coaches, therapists, local and global leaders.  She is a specialist in transformative leadership.  She is a Senior Certified Feminine Power Coach, Facilitator, and Leader and holds a MBA and MAFM from Keller Graduate School of Management and a BA from Johns Hopkins University.

Short Bio of Adria Kitchens, Transformational Feminine Power Coach

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