Child Moral Development

Moral development is one of the foundational processes of early childhood that contributes to healthy ethical, social, and emotional learning, growth, and development. Without a firm foundation in morals and ethics, children lack an internal compass by which to make decisions about which is the right path to take. Attachment disorder, including Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD and Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder or DSED, are conditions that typically involve some delay or disruption of moral development.

Children who lack training and support in the area of moral development tend to have a poor grasp on concepts of right action, the greater good, and helping others. Children who suffered trauma, abuse, or neglect in early childhood may have missed critical instruction in developing moral thinking. Parents, educators, and other professionals must help children acquire critical moral and ethical thinking and reasoning in order to grow up to be good employees, parents, children, siblings, friends, and members of society.

Moral development is critical for children who are recovering from Attachment Disorder. Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski of Orchard Human Services, Inc. has written a guide for promoting the moral development of children with attachment disorder, including RAD and DSED. This guide helps parents, educators, and other professionals help the child get on track to become morally competent and effective.

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Look for the expanded book and related training classes to be released soon. If you want to learn more about promoting the moral thinking and reasoning of young children, contact Orchard to set up individual sessions or arrange for one of our staff to delivery a presentation or conduct staff training and development for your team.

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, PhD is an author, national presenter, and nationally board certified clinical mental health counselor who specializes in treating children with attachment disorder and neuroathypicality or Autism Spectrum Disorder. She provides services around the Metro Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Milton, Hiram, Marietta, Cumberland, and College Park. Dr. Darleen Claire also provides consultation, training, and intervention services around the country by way of internet and telephone.

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