Developmental Justice

Beware – children are being processed through the departments of Juvenile Justice in unprecedented numbers around the country. Sadly, children with special needs or learning or developmental challenges can become victims to a system that is non-responsive and uncaring. And your child is more than just a statistic.

Children with mental health challenges, developmental disorders, and behavioral problems are at risk of serious engagement with the Juvenile Justice Department in their community. The rules are clear: Children and youth must learn to follow directions of police officers and juvenile justice workers while maintaining an impressive sense of self-control and self-calming. Youth who are not able to self-calm and self-regulate tend to have a much more difficult experience

Dr. Kathy A. Thomas and Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski carefully explored the phenomenon of juvenile justice contact, with a focus on decreasing DMC or disproportionate minority contact. Learn strategies to use across the home, school, and community domains to promote healthy development.

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Look for the complete published book, coming out soon. Also, contact Drs. Thomas and Wodzenski for staff training and development services to help your teachers, mental health professionals, or juvenile justice workers learn best practices to reduce the number of brown boys who are routinely being placed in Juvenile Justice and then the Criminal Justice System.

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