Guidance – Wholly Creative Communication

The research is clear – children respond best to a type of communication called Guidance Language. When parents, educators, and other adults speak in wholly creative communication, instructions are given in positive terms. Instead of telling the child what to NOT do, instructions instead focus on the child making the right choice and doing the right thing.

Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski of Orchard Human Services, Inc. has created a short Guidance – Wholly Creative Communication book to help parents identify their own parenting communication style, as well as explore new and better ways to use Guidance Language to promote positive changes in child learning, behavior, and development.

Click here to download Orchard’s thin book: Guidance-Wholly Creative Communication.

Want to learn more? Contact Orchard to have one of their national speakers and presenters come speak with your group or organization to further explore the use of Guidance Language and Wholly Creative Communication to promote positive outcomes for children.

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