Our Gift To You – Free Downloads from Orchard

We at Orchard Human Services, Inc. are passionate about sharing resources, information and support to promote healthy outcomes for infants, children, and youth … and their families.

Because we care, you will find a list of FREE DOWNLOADS on us … download, read, and enjoy. Plus, stay tuned for upcoming online and local events to help parents and families with children with disordered attachment development, Autism Spectrum Disorder or neuroatypicality, and clinical mental health services.

Click, Download, and Enjoy!!!

Anti-Aging – Notes and Resources

Attachment and Trauma – Thin Book

Autism Spectrum Disorder – A New Hope [Whitepaper]

Classrooms of Compassion – Nat’l Youth at Risk 2017 [Poster Notes]

Dead Children Can’t Read – Classrooms of Compassion PREVIEW

Developmental Justice – PREVIEW of Manuscript

Developmental Justice – REFERENCES from Nat’l Youth at Risk Conf. 2018

Educational Therapy – Dr. Kathy A. Thomas [Flyer]

Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences [MI] as Foundation for Psychoneuroeducation

Marmalade Jam – A Therapeutic Children’s Fairy Tale PREVIEW

Moral Development PREVIEW

MTHFR – Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase Deficiency [Whitepaper]

Positive Guidance and Wholly Creative Communication

Quick Guide to Section 504 Planning

Raising Social Children – Checklist and Resource Guide PREVIEW

Self-Care Guide

Self-Harming Guide PREVIEW

Trauma-Informed Responsiveness [Handout]

What Children Need to Know

Wonderful World of Steam PREVIEW

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