Results for Children with Special Needs

Parents of children with learning and developmental challenges want results … and they want them now. We all do. And sometimes we can identify ways to make some quick improvements in a child’s life.

But most of the time, the improvements unfold over time … as we take focused and specific actions to help the child’s ability to learn and develop.

Some of the challenges facing children include Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD and ADHD, Attachment Disorders (RAD and DSED), and Learning Problems. Later in life, mature adults may face problems associated with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimers, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Orchard has comprehensive service modules that address many of these and other challenging situations. Some of the strategies and techniques that are included in our supportive modules include:

  1. Brain-Training and Neurofeedback
  2. Meal Plan and Environmental Modification
  3. Socialization Intervention and Training
  4. Developmental Interventions … for improved behavior, self-regulation, and socialization
  5. Parenting for Results

Healing and restoration for some developmental, learning, and behavioral challenges is taking place on many frontiers. Here are some of the areas in which we are seeing tremendous progress …

  1. Increased attention and focus
  2. Enhanced learning, memory, and recall
  3. Control of Inflammatory Responses
  4. Balance of Blood Sugar (Glycemic Control)
  5. Increased Abilities of the Self (Self-Control, Self-Calming, Self-Focus, Self-Awareness)
  6. Expanded Socialization skills
  7. Improved behavior
  8. Better parenting skills

Orchard Human Services is dedicated to promoting the healthy and effective living of adults, children, and families. Contact Orchard by phone at (770) 686-0894 or by email at Or visit their website for a list of upcoming webinars that provide an introduction to their extensive menu of supportive programs at

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