Orchard’s Holistic Support Makes the Difference!!!

“People don’t grow in a vacuum. They grow in containers called BODIES. An effective Holistic Support Model includes the being who resides inside the physical body.” – Darleen Claire Wodzenski of Orchard Human Services


This phrase, quoted from our founder and program director – Darleen Claire Wodzenski – says it all.

At Orchard Human Services we see the individual as a whole. We address the developmental and health status of the entire human being … from the inside out.

As a result of this philosophy, we have created a powerful Holistic Support Model that incorporates powerful strategies and interventions that really address what is at the heart of the matter. From Brain-Training (Neurofeedback) to Ketogenic Lifestyle, we develop a specialized plan to meet your – or your child’s – individual needs.

How we view health is a vital part of the comprehensive support we provide to individuals with Autism, Neurodevelopmental, learning, and mental health challenges … our model even provides support for health challenges including diabetes, dementia, and chronic inflammation. Learn more today at OrchardHumanServices.org

We take a Psychoneuroeducational (yep, that’s a big word … for a really powerful and integrated process) approach to wellness. Here are the major areas that are incorporated into our Holistic Support Model:

  • Brain & Neurological
  • Environmental
  • Nutritional
  • Biochemical & Bio-Electrical
  • Physiological
  • Socio-Emotional
  • Cultural
  • Behavioral
  • Psychological
  • Cognitive
  • Spiritual
  • Energetic

Why are there so many areas incorporated into a single Holistic Model? Because people are complex. And because those are all the parts of YOU or YOUR CHILD!

Our clients include individuals dealing with complex and even multiple challenges. For example, a child with a developmental disorder may also have behavioral or metal health challenges. Or an adult with memory problems may also have depression.

Hop over to our webinar page and sign up for an upcoming online chat with Darleen Claire Wodzenski to explore whether our Holistic Support Model is right for you, your child, or a loved one with important health and global wellness goals.







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