Orchard Leadership & STEM Academy – Summer 2018

The Leadership & STEM Academy will provide a meaningful experience over the course of the 10 weeks of summer.

Summer 2018 is the time for FUN in College Park, GA!!!        

Orchard is hosting a          

Leadership & STEM Academy




Orchard has always specialized in unique ways to promote learning of all children and youth!

Summer 2018, we are ready to bring an emergent curriculum that offers opportunities for Middle and High School students to engage in Leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities as Ambassadors. The Ambassadors will have a meaningful guided learning experience mid-day, and take those new skills and inspirations with them to support Pre-K to 5th grade learners with special needs as they explore social, emotional, and academic learning with a brain-based creative & performing arts program.

Register today as space is limited!The Leadership & STEM Ambassadors will participate and lead the camp participants through rich and rewarding activities that range from STEM and Personal Mastery to music, movement, puppetry, and dramatic reading … in a warm and nurturing environment.


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  1. Open House & Final In-Person Registration: Friday May 25th from 2-6PM
  2. Dates of Summer Camp 2018: May 29th to August 3rd
  3. Location of Summer Camp: Kinder Kollege Christian School at 2725 Charlestown Dr in College Park, GA
  4. Daily Schedule: Earliest drop-off is 7PM … latest pick-up is 6PM
  5. Registration Fees: $65
  6. Tuition: $115 per week (for Leadership & STEM Academy – tuition is different for Special Needs Camp)
  7. Where to Register: Online, by phone, or in-person at Kinder Kollege Christian School (see Open House)
  8. Some partial and full scholarships are available to Leadership & STEM Ambassadors with great passion and commitment to support the learning of all participants (if demonstrated financial need).

FINAL FLYER 2018 Summer Camp College Park

Program creator and director, Darleen Claire Wodzenski, is a certified special education teacher and clinical mental health counselor who specializes in brain-based strategies to promote learning and development of all children.


The Leadership Academy will help students develop individual mastery while they explore the various ways they can positively impact their world through:

  • Being a great role model
  • Using powerful communication techniques like Motivational Interviewing
  • Exploring new concepts like Positive Peace and Synergy
  • Use the imagination to develop new possibilities to achieve goals
  • Leverage internal creative capacities of individuals and groups with techniques like Appreciative Inquiry


Students in the 21st century must master mathematics as part of the information and technology age.

The summer Leadership & STEM Academy will deliver a high quality Leadership curriculum while offering students the opportunity to be leaders in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Leadership & STEM Ambassadors will demonstrate exciting STEM projects and activities, encouraging interest and excitement in academic learning across the STEM domains. Some of the benefits of the Leadership & STEM Ambassadorship include:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Making new connections with other inspired students
  • Exploring robotics, chemistry, engineering, and mathematical concepts in Every Day Life!
  • Performing exciting experiments and demonstrations
  • Personal satisfaction from helping other students become familiar with STEM
  • Build a strong application for College and Scholarship opportunities

Students in Middle and High School are invited to apply to the Leadership & STEM Academy. The hours will match those of the Special Needs Brain-Based Creative & Performing Arts Camp. The Leadership & Stem Ambassadors will receive training, support, and inspiration during lunch, recess, and nap time; the Ambassadors will then bring their exciting projects and emerging leadership skills to bear in the classroom, promoting learning and socialization among all the camp participants.

Tuition for the Leadership & STEM Academy is $115 per week with a $65 registration fee. Some partial and full scholarships may be requested for families with a need (for the Leadership & STEM Academy only).

Happy Summer!!!

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Do you know a teacher in the College Park, GA area who would like to work with us for the summer? Are you a passionate child care professional or para-professional who would love being part of this awesome learning experience? If so, please contact us today at (770) 686-0894.


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