Child Therapy in Columbus GA

Orchard Human Services, Inc. now offers child, family, and adult counseling services in the Columbus, GA area. Specializations include attachment disorder, child behavior, depression, anxiety, family conflict, and clinical mental health counseling. Most services available by way of internet to support social distancing and promote health and well-being during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Orchard now provides clinical mental health and developmental services in the Columbus metropolitan area, by way of special invitation. We love our Columbus, GA clients and look forward to making new friends in our newest territory. Services include infant, child and youth counseling and intervention as well as family, marriage, and adult counseling and intervention.

Orchard Human Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that strives to Uplift Lives by Counseling, Educating and caring. Orchard’s areas of focus include children with developmental, neruodevelopmental and attachment development challenges. We work with children of all ages, and even work with adults and families.

Individuals wanting to schedule an appointment can go to to fill out the New Client and related forms. Then call Orchard to schedule at 770-686-0894. We are currently accepting new clients in the Columbus, GA area.

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