Orchard Reveals Nonprofit Social Media Guild

Orchard Human Services, Inc. has an important message to share with the world … Uplifting lives by counseling, educating and caring. Just like all nonprofits, Orchard strives to maintain an active social media presence in order to promote important messaging about best practices, current research, and available services. In addition, Orchard provides technical support to other nonprofits in particular areas, including grant writing, developing synthesis of literature for relevant topics, and professional training and development. Now, Orchard is revealing a new project to collaborate with fellow nonprofits to promote Social Media presence and promote critical messages to the public: Nonprofit Social Media Guild.

Orchard Human Services launches Nonprofit Social Media Guild … a group to promote collaborative social media and public relations activities. Contact charleneshockley@orchardhumanservices.org

The purpose of the Nonprofit Social Media Guild will be to share critical information about accessing and navigating the various social media platforms; support one another in creating integrated social media campaigns; and share links, likes, and follows with other nonprofit guild members. The first member nonprofits will partner with Orchard to create a casual Guild Group, and will collaborate in driving the activities of the Guild in the direction of social media success for all members.

Orchard Human Services’ board members will contribute to the start-up of the Guild. Mr. Darron Kendrick, JSM, CPA will provide technical assistance regarding any regulatory issues that may arise in the implementation of the project. Charlene Shockley, Realtor and Business Consultant, will be booking and hosting the initial meetings. Ms. Shockley can be reached at (404) 975-9605 or at charleneshockley@orchardhumanservices.org.

Members of Orchard’s Nonprofit Social Media Guild can work as a team to create a more robust collaborative social media presence with stronger representation through shares, likes, and backlinks. Contact Charlene Shockley at https://OrchardHumanServices.org

Meetings will be held in-person and on-line, depending upon the location and needs of nonprofit members as the Guild grows. Activities of Orchard’s Nonprofit Social Media Guild will be to:

  • Co-promote critical social welfare and human services information across the web
  • Provide collaborative support for fellow nonprofits and their staff and volunteers
  • Cross-promote each other’s social media pages and platforms to drive greater social media success for members and the Guild

Orchard Human Services, Inc. will be unveiling this new Nonprofit Social Media Guild at the June 20th Small Business Symposium in Milton, a hamlet of Alpharetta, Georgia. Mr. Darron Kendrick and Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski are each presenting on topics related to nonprofit activities and serving populations with veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Nonprofits can now join Orchard’s Nonprofit Social Media Guild to share collaborative support and cross-promotions of social media and public relations campaigns and information. https://OrchardHumanServices.org

If you are a nonprofit or philanthropic organization in the greater Metro Atlanta area … or in the United States… and would like to join … please click on this link to email us with your contact information and a brief description of your organization, website, social media goals, and current social media platforms. We look forward to meeting you in person and moving forward with this exciting new project.

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