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Brain Development

Welcome, Atlanta, to Orchard Human Services, where we help people heal one brain at a time. We serve the Metro Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, Marietta, College Park, Cumberland, Hiram, and Milton with Brain Development services and therapies including biofeedback, neurofeedback, HED, counseling, and psychotherapy or talk therapy.

The brain starts out undeveloped at birth and continues to learn, grow, and develop over time. By adulthood, the brain has completed growing but still keeps on changing and repairing itself. Orchard Human Services, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the healthy learning, growth, and brain development of all our neighbors around the Metro Atlanta area.



We can support our brains to be more efficient at learning, growing, and self-repairing by practicing good health, using our mental skills, and remaining engaged with life. Parents and teachers can learn strategies that increase a child’s chance of developing a healthy and functional brain!

Meanwhile, infants, children, teens, and even adults can engage in therapeutic movements and other activities that promote brain growth and development across the lifespan. We specialize in just such strategies, utilizing a wide spectrum of techniques and approaches that are scientifically proven to help the brain learn, repair, and heal.

One set of healing strategies we use involves neurofeedback and biofeedback. Using state-of-the art equipment, clients can learn to control brain activity by tracking oxygen flow across the pre-frontal cortex – behind the forehead; and electrical activity in the outer layer of the brain. This brain-training can help calm unfocused minds, create a deeper sense of peace, and improve overall individual performance.

Other techniques involve brain-based interventions that leverage the use of sensory stimulation, interpersonal interaction, and play. Our goal is always to help our clients become the very healthiest and most effective versions of themselves.

But most of all, we just love our clients. From a technical point of view, our approach is person-centered, based upon the 1940s work of Carl Rogers. We support health and well-being by approaching each and every client with authenticity, respect, and down-to-earth caring and compassion. Of course, we also weave in a complex framework of developmental and therapeutic modalities that range from Psychotherapy and Developmental Interventions to Cognitive Behavioral and Narrative Therapies.

The most potent part of our work rests upon a Developmental Framework that we apply as a Transtheoretical Model that incorporates a wide variety of therapeutic strategies and interventions. Some of the challenges we address include Attachment Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Problems.

Because we work with many children, we are also equipped to work with families. For many children, therapeutic success will only be achieved through family intervention and support. So generally, when we work with one family member, we also provide some support of support or intervention for the entire family unit, or those family members who are willing and able to engage in therapeutic activities.

The clients we serve tend to be between two and twenty-two years of age, but we work with infants and mature adults as well. Some of the same challenges with emotion, mood, memory, learning, and relationships affect people of all ages. And in many cases, early developmental intervention can promote lifelong health and well-being … and may avoid future mental health, developmental, or behavioral challenges. So early identification and intervention is always best … but it is almost always never too late to begin to heal.

Curiously, the majority of our brain-based work does not use fancy equipment or computers. While we do use neurofeedback and HEG biofeedback equipment, we are specially trained in the practice of promoting brain development through human interaction. As practitioners, we use our powers of observation, conversation, physical interaction, and relationship to assess and treat. Over time, we see our clients develop new capacities for learning, loving, and interacting with others that speaks to more integrated and effective brain function.

When appropriate, we do refer clients to Developmental Pediatricians, Neurologists, and other specialists. Working with other professionals through collaboration and consultation allows us to promote the best outcomes for our clients.

So, welcome to Orchard Human Services, Inc., if you are new … or welcome back if you are an old friend. And please … join us as we continue to explore this wonderful topic … and learn how to have better brains … so we can all live happier and more effective lives!!!

– Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski and The Orchard Staff

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