Teacher Training & CEUs

Teacher Training

Contact us to arrange professional training and development for educators and teaching staff. Please see the list below for training programs that are currently available for both educators and parents.

Georgia Early Childhood teachers: Please click on the link below to view the approved training courses currently available. Scholarships are available for many of these training programs:

Georgia Bright From The Start – Approved Training



Training Programs Currently Available:

Brain-Based Metacognition Level 1 – 2 Hour Training

Brain-Based Metacognition Level 2 – 3 Hour Training

Brain-Based Metacognition Level 3 – 4 Hour Training

Non-Verbal Communication To Promote Attachment & Social Development – 3 Hour Training

Overcoming Effects of Poverty on Childhood Development – 2 Hour Training

Promoting Attachment Development of Infants & Children – 2 Hour Training

Switched-ON Learning – Multiple Intelligence Instruction for Early Childhood – 3 Hour Training

Why Inclusion? – 3 Hour Training



How to Schedule a Training:

Call (770) 686 0894 or email Support@OrchardHumanServices.org

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The Orchard presenters are also available to speak on educational and mental health topics for parent, community, and educator groups. Please contact us to discuss your organization’s interest.

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