Self-Harm: Guide for Youth, Parents, Educators, Human Service Workers

Self-Harm GuideOur “Self-Harm: A Guide for Youth, Families, Educators, Human Service Workers” is a practical and serious but upbeat set of resources for a serious challenge.

Self-harming, sometimes referred to as self-mutilation, is behavior exhibited by individuals and youth who are unable to cope with overwhelming life situations. Learn what self-harming is all about … and what to do if you suspect your child or teen is engaging in this dangerous behavior.

This guide also provides a gentle way for youth who are self-harming to communicate what is going on with parents or teachers to reach out for help.

Parents and youth are able to use this book as a tool for communication, finding resources, and moving toward healing and recovery.

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“Self-Harm: A Guide for Youth, Families, Educators, Human Service Workers” is available in Kindle format at Amazon.

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