Raising Social Children

Raising Social ChildrenIs your child painfully shy or withdrawn? Are you concerned that your child is not speaking … or unable to look in your eyes when you are cuddling or playing? Join us in exploring the early roots of Social Development for infants and young children. “Raising Social Children – Checklist & Resource Guide” helps parents focus on cues for social development to see if their child is on track, ahead of the pack, or needing a little support. No matter what your child’s social developmental status, learn how to help your child become even more socially competent!!!

Plus, learn how to find assessment and therapeutic services if you have concerns that your child is in need of social developmental support, as with Autism. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, or young child … get on track with what is expected and how to further support your child’s social development!

This useful guide includes a practical discussion of strategies that parents can use right at home! Engaging the school district and accessing special or exceptional student education services is also discussed, in the event your child does qualify for services.

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