Learning Success

Orchard is happy to announce amazing new Learning Success services including Academic, Socialization, Special Needs, Autism, and Home School support. Our staff of highly skilled, degreed professionals provide a platform of services and support to meet your child’s needs.

Does your child have a Learning Problem or Special Needs?

We have advocacy, tutoring, and professional consultative services to support child or youth and parent.

Is your child Home Schooled?

Our expert staff can provide support for parents about educational strategies, curricular and lesson planning, and direct learning support for your child.

Is your child Neuroatypical or diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

We provide consultative and advocacy services to help deal with daycare, school, and college or technical school. Our staff also provides social and emotional training and intervention to promote communication and relationship skills of young children, youth, and adults.

Does your child have an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder?

We help design effective Section 504 Plans and IEP intervention schedules, including BIPs, to promote your child’s positive growth and behavior. Our staff also provides some direct learning and intervention services to help children, youth, and young adults learn to handle their feelings and emotions and choose better behavior. Our services are based upon evidence-based developmental strategies.

Is your child diagnosed with a focus or attentional problem like ADD or ADHD?

We offer focus and attentional training and intervention to help your child learn to be mindful, direct focus and attention, and learn to be more effective in the world. These services may be combined with clinical services for a potent intervention plan.

Is your child Gifted and Talented? In A/P Courses? But needing a little help?

We provide a wide spectrum of supportive services for children, youth, and young adults who are struggling with some aspect of advanced level courses. Services include academic support; socialization training; intervention for focus, attention, metacognition, and executive function.

Call today to set up a consultation with one of our Clinical or Intervention Specialists.

You can email us at: Forms@OrchardHumanServices.org

Or call us at (770) 686-0894 to set up a consultation.

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