Educational Therapy by Dr. Kathy Thomas

Welcome to 2019 – a year filled with exciting new advances in childhood learning and development. Orchard Human Services, Inc. is excited to announce that Dr. Kathy A. Thomas, formerly of Nova Southeastern University, is now practicing Educational Therapy online and in the Broward County area of Florida. Educational Therapy is a unique approach to learning problems like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, memory problems, poor classroom skills, and confusion with subjects like math or reading. Unlike mental health therapy, Dr. Kathy explains that Educational Therapy identifies and provides intervention for the specific problems that cause learning problems. Some of the buzz words that are critical components of Educational Therapy include Mindfulness, Self-Regulation, Executive Function, Self-Awareness, and Metacognition.


Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski

Dr. Thomas is a long standing colleague and personal friend of Dr. Darleen, who explained that “Dr. Kathy is a gift to children with learning and attentional problems. She is my go-to person when I am working with a child with intense focus problems. I am so excited that she is making her Educational Therapy services available online … so we can help even more children.” Based on the foundational works of Dorothy Fink Ungerleider, Educational Therapy is often touted as being a “God send” and “last hope” for many children with serious problems attending to rules and learning in school. While Educational Therapy is not a direct intervention for Autism, some children with an Autism Spectrum Disorders may find support for some of their symptoms and challenges through Educational Therapy Intervention.

Educational Therapy is an exciting breakthrough that is well recognized as a first line of defense for problems related to Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD]. Dr. Thomas explained that the Educational Therapist takes academic, motivational, and attentional steps to resolve the underlying problems seen in children with ADD and ADHD.

Meanwile Dr. Thomas and Dr. Darleen are excited to offer blended Educational Therapy, Developmental, and Mental Health services to children with complex challenges. Together, they are able to address broad problems of children with very complex learning, behavioral, and developmental challenges, bringing hope for the future of more precious children.

Children and young adults from five to twenty-five can all benefit from Educational Therapy. College Students and graduating seniors can really benefit from a boost in their learning strategies and self-regulation and motivation while preparing for SATs and college admission examinations. High school and college students may need a boost in skills and attention if struggling with academics. Meanwhile, any transition from one school to another may trigger learning or attentional challenges that may be addressed through Educational Therapy.

You can reach Dr. Thomas by phone at 954-816-6836 or by email at


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