Dead Children Can’t Read: Classrooms of Compassion

Dead Children Can't Read Join us in exploring the relationship between forced academic focus on developmentally or emotionally fragile children – and the risk of bullying, victimization and school violence; depression and mental health disorder; as well as self-harming and suicidality. Investigate a new paradigm for education that places the mental health and developmental needs of the child at the front of the class.

This book is a must-read for parents whose children are struggling with developmental, behavioral, or mental health issues … and feel overwhelmed by the academic pace and focus in school. Children of all ability levels may be adversely affected by challenges related to such factors as behavior challenges, illness, loss of loved one, trauma or abuse, developmental disorder, learning problem … and so much more. When such a challenge arises, children sometimes lose their ability to keep up with the academic pace of the classroom … failure to address such situations can lead to serious consequences and potential danger for the child and even his or her peers.

The book raises important issues about the true developmental needs of children with sensitivity and insight. The author, Darleen Claire Wodzenski, is an education and mental health professional who focuses on issues related to childhood learning and development. Introduction by Dr. Kathy A. Thomas, who specializes in the areas of Educational Therapy, Juvenile Justice, and Special Education.

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