Nonprofit Accounting Is Like Chess

Accountant and tax expert Darron Kendrick is like a chess master, carefully gazing upon his desk, with the many papers, contracts, and account statements scattered across the desktop like a checkered chess board. We at Orchard long ago gave up trying to understand the tax implications of our work. Of course, we are a nonprofit and are tax exempt; but our donors are not. And that is where things get tricky.

Mr. Kendrick, a CPA, has a masters degree in tax and accounting and is writing his final dissertation to receive a doctorate in tax law. Orchard staff members were overjoyed when he joined the team because he immediately offered to help with our nonprofit accounting as well as helping with strategies that would allow donors to continue to give in spite of recent changes in tax law. He brings a calculus to the nonprofit accounting and donor management process that feels much like a chess master moving pieces around the chess board.

What is most curious is how Mr. Kendrick gets more quiet, calm, and focused as each file, shoe box, and pen drive of documents is placed on his desk. Surely, this must be some human super power that results from years of dedicated service as a tax and accounting professional. Staff often joke that Mr. Kendrick must practice some special type of yoga or meditation behind his closed door in order to main such calm and pleasant composure. What is even stranger is the joyful way he walks clients through audits; when Mr. Kendrick is complete with an audit, the clients most always walk away happy.

If you have or know of a nonprofit that needs expert assistance with in-house accounting or auditing, or assistance explaining to donors how they can continue to support the charity and still gain tax benefits, please share this article. Mr. Kendrick also assists emerging non-profits file the 501(c)3 paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service [IRS].

The thing we love the most about Mr. Kendrick is how he makes us all feel at ease as we question business or personal tax code or accounting practices. He is especially in his element when helping budding nonprofit-teers and entrepreneurs plan and execute their business strategy.

Orchard is a 501(c)3 IRS-approved nonprofit organization, Uplifting Lives by Counseling, Educating and Caring.

The focus of Orchard’s work is to promote healthy development, mental health, learning, and life satisfaction of children and families who deal with complex issues including Attachment Disorder [including Reactive Attachment Disorder RAD and Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder DSED], Autism Spectrum Disorders and Neuroatypicality, as well as learning, behavioral, developmental, and mental health challenges.

Below is the office building where Orchard Human Services, Inc. sees clients. Mr. Kendrick sees clients connected to nonprofits and Orchard Human Services, Inc. at this location as well as Orchard’s Cumberland location.

Orchard Human Services' Alpharetta Location

Below is Mr. Kendrick’s primary office at 905 Blackwell Road in Marietta, Georgia.

Mr. Kendrick practices in Marietta; he also sees clients connected to Orchard Human Services at the Alpharetta location, providing nonprofit auditing, nonprofit accounting, and nonprofit tax preparation services. Meanwhile, Orchard Human Services offers counseling, developmental, educational, and consultative services around the Metro Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, College Park, Cumberland, Hiram, and Marietta.

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