Narcissism is a personality trait involving self-centeredness and a belief in one’s superiority over others. All people are at least a bit self-centered at times, so we each may display some brief moments of narcissism. When people are primarily oriented to their superiority over others along with an intense need to dominate, control, and blame others, then they may have a more serious condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

So where did the word ‘Narcissist’ come from? In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a character of incredible beauty who fell in love with his reflection in the water and was obsessed with his own beauty for the rest of his life, rejecting the love of others. As with many characters from Greek mythology, the name Narcissus was used as the bases for naming the personality trait of intense self-love and self-centeredness.

While there is a great deal of information about Narcissism floating around the Internet, please do not attempt to diagnose Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Mental Health Professionals study many years and practice under supervision in order to be able to appropriately identify and diagnose this type of personality disorder. So we caution you against making the diagnosis yourself.

What we DO recommend is that you STOP and seek help if you are in a relationship with someone who:

  1. Puts you down
  2. Blames you for things that are outside your control
  3. Insults and/or abuses you
  4. Loves themselves more than you
  5. Loves themselves more than the children you have together
  6. Attempts to isolate you from others
  7. Jealously keeps you to themselves

If you are in a relationship and more than a few of these 7 items are true, then please seek professional help. For those in the Naples Florida area, Orchard is hosting a monthly support group (location and dates to be announced in next few days).

Want to learn more about Narcissism? Follow us on social media! Join us on TikTok @drdarleen to learn more about narcissism, abusive relationships, and how to care for yourself and heal.

In the fall, we will be holding Live TikTok events for the public to join. This open forum will help people identify what makes an abusive or narcissistic relationship, and how to begin to care for the self and choose better.

Never fear! You are not going to be asked to drop your beloved just because you are having some relationship distress. The good news is that when you engage in a self-help group, and learn to love yourself and set up healthy boundaries, magical things can happen! For example:

  1. Your “abuser” or “narcissist” may realize they were wrong and change
  2. You may set up healthy boundaries, and the other person learns to honor them
  3. You may love yourself so much that you no longer need or want the person who was abusing you, making you feel less than, or abusing you with narcissistic behaviors and tendencies

We also have information available in the following Social Media outlets:

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Please make Orchard a part of your personal learning and healing path as you face abusive and unsupportive relationships with individuals who display traits of narcissism.

Are you located in Georgia? Orchard offers direct services to counseling clients in Georgia.

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