Coronavirus Correction [TM] Training

Orchard Human Services has released a powerful new parent training called “Coronavirus Correction” [TM]. Children and youth are suffering the negative effects of the pandemic, which has been classified as a global crisis by humanitarian organizations around the world. Learn how to help children overcome the trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic and remember how to be calm, happy, and well-behaved.

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Explore challenges with online learning, isolation due to quarantine, lack of socialization, mental health and behavior problems, and self-harming and suicidality. Learn about the new brain science of healing trauma. Discover strategies you can put into action TODAY to support your child’s healing and recovery.

Live virtual training scheduled for Saturday, March 6, at 4 PM Eastern

Live virtual training scheduled for Saturday, April 3, at 4 PM Eastern

Live virtual training scheduled for Saturday, May 1, at 4 PM Eastern

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Following is a free BONUS BOOK SECTION that teaches parents how to ue books … bibliotherapy … to help children heal … right at home:

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