Mental Health Counseling Services

We provide counseling for children, teens, families, and individuals.

Special Education Support

We provide support for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults who have special needs including mental health problems, developmental challenges, and learning problems.

Professional Staff Training & Development

We provide professional training and development services for educators, counselors, and other human services organizations.

Attachment Disorder & Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder

We specialize in supportive services for infants, children, and youth who suffer from interruption of attachment development including RAD and DSED.

The Orchard Human Services is a 501(c)3 non-profit

Engaging the community in a meaningful way through:

- Active Community Partnership Program
- Advocacy for Special Populations (Incl. Developmental Delay, Mental Health Problems, Poverty, Special Needs, Veterans)
- Direct Services to At Risk Populations
- Meaningful Volunteerism that Builds Teams & Empowers Organizations
- Professional Development Programs for Educators & Human Service Workers

Organizational Focus & Geographic Service Range


Nationwide Services

We are rolling out Internet-based training and development programs for individuals, families, and professionals. Some live services and events are offered regionally. Medium to large sized companies can contract for on-site staff training and development at many large cities.

Regional Services

The Orchard offers comprehensive direct and training services throughout the Metro Atlanta, GA area. Specialized programs and referrals for direct services are offered through our Richmond, VA and Denver, CA hubs. Please refer to each location or contact us for details.

Staff Development

On-site Professional Training and Development Services are delivered around the greater Metropolitan Atlanta area. Multicultural and LGBTQ sensitivity and responsiveness training and development services are available online.

Metro Atlanta Area

Direct services available in the Metropolitan Atlanta area of Georgia include counseling, Autism socialization training, parent training, parent-mediated services, family coaching, and professional training and development. Georgia Bright From the Start approved training is available for early childhood teachers.

Denver Area

The Denver/Colorado Springs hub is the center of our multicultural responsiveness and sensitivity programs for teachers, counselors, and human services professionals. Live training and events are available around the Denver/Colorado Springs area while Internet-based services are available nationwide. The Denver hub supports our Spanish-for-Counselors coaching program.

Richmond Area

The Richmond, VA hub is the center of our LBGTQ-oriented sensitivity and responsiveness training for professionals. A community- and school-focused youth LGBTQ support program with curriculum is also available through the Richmond hub, and can be delivered to schools and commmunity organizations around the country.